Sad End to Tree Project

mastheadCPE’s Playground Tree Project took a sad turn when someone chopped down three of the young trees planted along Second Street.  The Central PointPolice Department has cited the vandal, and  Buffy Pollock’s article in the Mail Tribune has created a positive community response.  To read Buffy’s frontpage article, click here.

4 thoughts on “Sad End to Tree Project

  1. 2-3-09

    Don’t let anyone kill your dreams. Just keep planting. If they cut them down again just plant more. They’ll eventually get tired of fighting your strong spirits.

    Special thanks to Gage for naming a tree after me.

    All The best,

    Billy Bob Thornton

  2. I liked the project. It sounded like a very fun thing to do.
    I think the project was a really good idea. I’m sorry someone cut down the trees because I think trees are amazing and because what they do for human life. I think the whole project was really very great!

  3. That was amazing! . you guys are lucky to meet a famous person and be able to work with him. I bet that took a long time to plant all those trees. you are helping the environment so we have air to breath. that was fantastic
    Isaac Gonzales

  4. Hey Tori glad you found the vandals. You are so lucky you got to meet Billy Bob Thorton. I bet it was a lot of fun helping your community. Way to go.

    Mackenzie\Mac : )

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