20th Annual Tree Plant

treeplantthumbRoom 15 students participated in Josephine County’s 20th Annual Tree Plant on Friday, February 13th. After learning a little about Oregon’s logging history, students were given an orientation on tree planting and sustainable logging practices. The class was then transported to the planting site by tractor. There they collectively planted about 100 conifer seedlings. Students staked “dog tags” engraved with their name and year near their trees. Years from now they can return to the site and find the tree they planted. Because the planting was an outcome of our own Tree Project saga, Gage G. planted and staked a tree on behalf of Billy Bob Thornton. According to Josephine County Forestry, student plantings have about a 90% success rate, while professional crews typically attain only a 60% success rate, so this Billy Bob tree has a good shot at a long life! (For more pics from the trip, click on the picture!)

11 thoughts on “20th Annual Tree Plant

  1. I would like to thank MR. Roe for helping our class be aloud to plant trees in Grants Pass.We all had a lot of fun and loved planting the trees .So thank you
    sincerly,Vittoria Ianieri

  2. Dear Mr. Roe,

    I cant believe 10,000 kids have participated in your program and you planted 50,000 trees. That’s a lot. Thank you for helping us with the trees. We’re so glad that your letting us plant 5 trees. I divided 50,000 by 10,000 and I got 5 so that’s how many we’re going to plant.

  3. Dear Mr.Roe:
    I just wanted to say thanks for letting us go to your program that helps the forest grow.I think that the peers around me had fun replanting part of the forest in Grants Pass. I love to plant and garden. I love how animals live in the forest. I love so many things!

  4. you guys rock for planting all the trees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one will be very proud of you and what you did for your town!!:)

  5. i love this becaus eit is helping the community with many things and it is especialy helping our planet. many people would just leave the street without doing anything and that hopefully helps everyone in the future and thinking about the future.

  6. dear mr. lewis’ class,
    i can not belive that those people but i guess there is and always will be bad people in the world. i wish that the trees will grow up and be very healthy and make people happy.

  7. what a great website!
    Dear westley, gage I saw you on your website
    it was great thanks for helping our environment
    it needs help
    sincerely Caellum

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