100 Favorite Things: Chocolate Milk

Each Room 15 student is building a 100 Favorite Things list on his or her web site. To see them, click on the link entitled Student Web Pages. In the meantime, here’s another on my list of 100 (in no particular order).

chocolate-milk2. Chocolate Milk — I’ve always loved chocolate milk. I suspect my mom must have been feeding it to me from a bottle to shut me up during my earliest years. Today I have a glass nearly every night. I didn’t realize what an addiction it had become until one year when Scholastic flew me to New York City. I discovered they don’t sell real chocolate milk in Manhattan. They sell fake, water-based malted substances such as Bosco, but real chocolate milk is impossible to find. After a couple of nights going through withdrawals, I wandered the streets searching for chocolate milk. Growing desperate, I entered a McDonald’s and requested a chocolate shake. Nope, they didn’t sell chocolate shakes, only vanilla–which really makes me wonder about New Yorkers. I survived my week without chocolate milk, but now days when I travel I always carry a bottle of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate syrup in my suitcase.

3 thoughts on “100 Favorite Things: Chocolate Milk

  1. actually Bosco is the only “real” chocolate syrup out there, it is one of the few all-natural, (no artificial colors or flavors) chocolate syrups out there, Hershey’s is not. Bosco 1 point, Hershey’s 0 points

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