100 Favorite Things: Kids

jonathan_larva1. Kids — I know they’re really just human larvae, but for some reason I like ’em. I’ve had about 500 kids come through my classroom over the last 18 years, and I’ve coached another 200 or so at Scenic and Crater. I’m fortunate enough to stay in touch with many of them. The little gal who has the semi-official designation of being my “first student” just completed her basic training for the Oregon National Guard. About half the students of my 1998 Sams Valley 4th grade class are completing their senior year in college. One of my former baseball kids is joining me on my City League basketball team this month, and another is getting back and forth to work in my spare pick-up truck. And of course there are all the other rotters, including the 34 fantastic 5th graders and the nifty class of math students who presently occupy Room 15. Okay children, now sit there quietly like good little larva so that I still like you in June.

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