100 Favorite Things: Campfires

As part of our “100 Favorite Things Project,” each student is maintaining a category on their individual webpages identifying and writing about the things they enjoy most about life.Β Though I started mine as the example or model, I’m finding that I’m learning a lot about myself as I create my list. Here’s another of my favorite things:

campfireAt the 21st Annual Tree Re-plant in Josephine County, members of the Rusty Relics tractor drivers sit around a big campfire in between shifts of hauling elementary kids up the hillside. They build a great fire, and upon returning form the trip the other day I found myself drawn to my little backyard fire pit where I promptly built a campfire of my own. There are few things more comforting and therapeutic than sitting around a good campfire, especially when it’s in a great locale. One of my best days of 2009 was spent in an abandoned campground on a sunny afternoon in the middle of winter. We had the place all to ourselves, a nice view of the lake, and a roaring campfire. Hard to beat that.

5 thoughts on “100 Favorite Things: Campfires

  1. Hi mr.lews πŸ™‚ i miss the class but im mad becuase your doing alot more cooler stuff. I miss Martha, yasmin and rosa….. ok and ill
    add you in it to πŸ™‚ I like pictures of the elfs.-HUGS-CIELO πŸ˜€

  2. Cielo! It is so wonderful to hear from you. I truly miss having you in class, but I am very happy to have Martha. I will tell her you miss her.

  3. Hey mr lewis, I was just roaming around on the CPE website lookin for my lil’ bro’s teacher and saw you and decided to stop real quick and say hey. :)This website really has some of those memories rushing back, expecialy all the pics of the kids, they all look so differant. And I think its so funny how then I didnt even talk to most of them, and now I hang out with like all of them. haha. Like Gage, Graves? remember that rascal, well he lives down the street from me. hahaha. I heard you had my lil’ bro for math… im so sorry. haha. just kidding, big differance from me huh? lol. Well, just wanted to say hi.

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