Thirty-two Pounds of Litter

Room 15 kids collected 32 pounds of litter on our first Hopkins Street litter patrol on November 4th. As part of the City’s new “Adopt-A-Street” program, Room 15 kids patrolled the neighborhood wearing luminescent orange vests and blue nitrile gloves. Because each chaperone group was competing with the others to collect the most, kids were fighting over the chance to grab everything from an old bent spoon to a bag of mildewing clothes. Special thanks to the volunteers who joined us. We’ve committed to four such clean-ups this year, and we expect the next one to take place in January. For pictures, click here.

In class this week kids will be taking a math exam on Monday, playing History Jeopardy and taking a history exam on Wednesday, and completing their Bigfoot Encounters writing task. For a history study guide, click here.

6 thoughts on “Thirty-two Pounds of Litter

  1. Hey Room 15 rotters! I’m in Portland but I’m trying to communicate with you. You must be in the lab now . . . is everyone following directions? Are you treating Mrs. Spencer with respect? Has anyone gotten in trouble this week?

  2. Same on you Ryan he forgot to put his capitals your in 5th grade be mature GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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