Conference Week

Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday evening, all day Thursday, and Friday morning this week. If you haven’t yet scheduled a conference or wish to confirm your conference time, click on the tab at the top of the page. Note that students do not attend school on Thursday and Friday. They return to class on Tuesday, March 29th. There’s no homework this week as we wrap things up heading into the break. Students have their Book Club comprehension test as well as their History exam on Monday. The rough draft of their DARE essay, which we’re working on in class, is due Tuesday, and they have a sentence test on Wednesday. Also, our floor hockey championship between Dark Dynomite and Mmmmhmmm is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:30. This week we’ll also be sending home information about our OMSI field trip, which is scheduled for April 28th and 29th. Finally, here is the latest installment on the Room 15 News.

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