Room 15 Update

Here we are at the end of the second trimester already. Consequently we’re hustling to finish a variety of projects and cramming in a ton of assessments prior to report cards and conferences during the week of March 14th.

Students are reviewing their history journals in preparation for Thursday’s History Jeopardy event and Monday’s trimester history exam.  They also have a spelling exam on Thursday and they should be finishing their current Book Clubs by week’s end.

We’ve finished our lengthy study of geometry with a pair of chapter exams. Although students did less well than I’d hoped, we’ll be reviewing these concepts frequently and I’m convinced students are now well-prepared for their second round of state tests, which are currently in progress.  We’ll wait to begin our next big unit (Fractions) until after Spring Break. This week’s homework will instead focus on History, and there will be no regular classroom homework next week.  Here’s this week’s homework sheets: Monday, March 7th; Tuesday, March 8th; Wednesday, March 9th; Thursday, March 10th.

Finally, here’s the latest installment of the Room 15 News. It’s broken into two episodes; the second one will appear next week.

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