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A cranky teacher, excited kids, the suddenly-warm weather, and a post-OMSI funk contributed to a rough week in the classroom, but it was capped off by one of the most significant events of the fifth grade year: DARE Graduation. I am immensely proud of each of our students for completing the course and making the pledge to stay away from illegal substances. I am hopeful they’ll all have the inner strength to fulfill their commitment during the challenging teenage years to come. Having graduated, students will attend DARE Day on May 20th. If you haven’t yet read their DARE essays, please see each students’ individual webpage.

Although the end of the year is fast approaching (much too fast, in my opinion), we still have a ton of work to do in class. Students have embarked on our Endangered Species Research Project. Their work will appear on their websites soon. We’ve also started our final Book Club of the year. Students should be reading every weeknight and using the weekends to catch-up. Science Fair proposals are due this Friday. In history we’re plunging forward, hoping to get at least a glimpse of the 20th-Century before we run out of days, and in math we’re continuing our study of fractions by learning to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Here’s our homework for the week: Monday, May 9th; Tuesday, May 10th; Wednesday, May 11th, and Thursday, May 12th. Two other notable events take place this week. On Thursday we’ll be having our “Supreme Court Hearing.” Students from the other classes have challenged the constitutionality of the Room 15 right to chew gum in class. The case will be heard by Justices Davenport, Rankin, and Harmon at 1:00 in the Music Room. And finally, here’s the latest installment of the Room 15 News. It includes segments on the OMSI trip, DARE Graduation, and our news team’s visit to KOBI.

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