Summer Travel

I promised I would keep all our Room 15 Rotters apprised of my summer travel. Sadly, there’s been very little so far, but Mrs. Lewis and I did manage to get away to Central Oregon for a couple nights last week. Because Mrs. Lewis is an aspiring art quilter, we visited the quilt show in Sisters. I can tell you all about piecing and stitching techniques, just as she can tell you about relief pitchers and dropped third strikes! After viewing a gazillion quilts, we went to the Summerfest in downtown Bend, strolled along the waterfront in the Old Mill District, and watched marmots munch nearby. The next day we moved on to the headwaters of the Wood River near Fort Klamath, camping at Jackson Kimble State Park. The source of the Wood River is Crater Lake. Crystal clear water seeps out of the side of the mountain just below the National Park. Note how the water appears aquamarine, just as it does along the edges of Crater Lake.

So that’s one of my summer events, what about you kids? Will we see anything posted on your pages?

In other news, our own Adrienne Birmingham is appearing in The Secret Garden at South Medford High School this weekend. I’m still waiting for Ryan Kulpa to contact me to collect a special classroom checkbook reward. And I need a couple more kids to commit to the artichoke fiesta. Any former Room 15 Rotters out there?

5 thoughts on “Summer Travel

  1. I really miss you. I miss seeing you every day in class. I cried thinking about going to scienic not so much the school even though it will be scary at first, but leaving C.P.E. Leaving my friends, my school, and you. Yet I will see you again if I make top 5%. Please post me.


  2. Thanks, Jocelyn. I suspect once you get to Scenic and discover that all your friends are there and your teachers are nice, you’ll quickly forget about me . . . then again, it would be great if you come visit me at CPE once in awhile! Otherwise, I’ll see you your senior year at the Top 5% banquet, right?

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