Unique Snowboarding Video

Check out this super-cool snowboarding vid. It shows what a little creative thinking does for you. Speaking of super cool, be sure to watch KOBI 5 News this Thursday (the 23rd) at 6:30. One of our Room 15ers is KOBI’s Student of the Week! Another bit of super cool news is that we’re starting The Checkbook Project this week. To find out how it works, visit my professional webpage here, or check out this podcast from Teaching Fin Lit.  Speaking of podcasts, we recorded our first Black History play podcast of our reader’s theater play, Richard Wright & The Library Card. You can find it here. We hope to be recording the rest of them this week. Fifth grade students have started new Book Clubs and they’re working on posting their National Park Projects online. Fourth grade math students are doing a quick review and extension of perimeter and area. Here’s their homework: Tuesday, Feb. 21st; Wednesday, Feb. 22nd; Thursday, Feb. 23rd.

4 thoughts on “Unique Snowboarding Video

  1. I remember staring the checkbook project last year,its really fun if you know how to manage your money.Witch i was pretty good at,but at times i dropped to zero.

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