Room 15 Update for March 3

New book clubs begin Monday. They include three great books for 5th graders: Sign of the Beaver, Jungle Dogs, and Frindle. Students will take home a reading guide each night to help them dig deeper into the stories. Kalli and Trevor will be presenting The Daily Platypus and CPETV (see below for episode 2) to the School Board on Tuesday Night. And in Math, kids will be learning about finding the area of circles and reviewing space figures. Here the math homework for this week: Monday, March 3; Tuesday, Mar. 4; Wednesday, Mar. 5; Thursday, Mar. 6.  There’s no school on Monday, March 10th. Teachers will be attending training sessions and preparing report cards. Finally, the kids did a great job on their Revolutionary War plays last Friday. Unfortunately, only one was of sufficient enough volume to result in a video. Take six minutes to watch Eagles Over the Battlefield:

2 thoughts on “Room 15 Update for March 3

  1. Nice job when is the secret solider going to be published or presented because I want to know how it turns out…???

  2. Good job! I thought that was very good. I remember when I did a play kind of like this in 2012-2013, Mr.Lewis’ class.

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