Class Plays Lead to Nomination

So I just learned that Emma Z’s performance in our class play, Anton & Grace Hopper, has gotten her nominated for “Best Lead Actress in Fable” award! These little class plays are designed to build reading fluency through repetitive reading and speaking skills through performance. We don’t require that kids memorize their parts (whichg is why you see some kids carrying their scripts) but memorization certainly helps the play.

In Anton & Grace Hopper, which is based on the Ant and the Grasshopper fable, Emma Z. stars as Grace, Josiah B. stars as Anton, Haylee B. and Julian C. serve as narrators, and Rayden G. fills in admirably for Mrs. Marrow, the teacher.

In Peter Rabbit, Giovanni O. stars as Peter, Aiden B. stars as Mr. MacGregor, and Symphony K. serves as the narrator.

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