29 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. On Halloween we are going to my grandma’s house and we are going to eat ice-cream-cake and go Trick-or-Treating.

  2. On Halloween my sister scared me to get me back from last year when I sat in the silence and when she walk by I jumped out and yelled ”boo” and she would jump.

  3. On Halloween last year all of my family agreed to dress up like our favorite animals and it turned out we all dressed like dogs!

  4. On Halloween I dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and when I got candy from one house a big hairy spitting spider jumped on me!

  5. On Halloween I’m going to be a devil and my sister is going to be a flapper girl, and were going to a hunted house.

  6. On Halloween I’m going to run the Mini-Marathon and after that I’m going to have
    a pj electronic party with my class.

  7. this year for halloween I’m going to go trick or treating with my cousin Nathan and we were ninjas

  8. On Halloween I am doing a mini-marathon and i an going to be first and i’m scared that the 5th graders are going to trample me.

  9. On Halloween my family went trick or treating and I scared my brother Jordan,and then he screamed like a little girl.

  10. On Halloween I saw J.J. playing the silent game and he was so silent you wouldn`t know where he was.

  11. On Halloween every year I go outside and scream and then my little brother Parker says,”Happy Halloween He He He”.

  12. In the silence of the haunted house I was trapped in, I saw a hunchbacked shadow every where I went, and then I turned a corner and there was a tiny baby bunny dressed up in his Halloween costume.

  13. This morning my mom told me that my older brother Jacob was a silent assassin when he played basketball and I laughed so hard that I almost had a heart a tack

  14. On Halloween i am doing a min-marathon and I am going to be first and i’m scared that the 5th graders are going to trample me.

  15. Halloween was fun. I went to my friend’s house with my Mom, then we all went out to get candy. My favorite animal is my dog. His name is Rosco, my big boy.

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