A Mealworm Ate My Homework!

mealwormNope, that excuse won’t fly, though it is true we’re studying the life cycle of insects by handling real mealworms. The kids will be performing a variety of harmless scientific experiments on their worms over the next couple of weeks, and they seem to be pretty jazzed up about it. Our Checkbook Project is also evolving. Students are free to apply for business licenses and operate their enterprises during certain times each day. Most kids open stores, but a few creative thinkers come up with service businesses that tend to do better and have less overhead. In reading we’re reading from our book clubs, both in class and at home, and in math, we’re alternating between fractions and geometry. This week, we’ll mostly be looking at measurement and basic geometry. Here’s the homework: Monday, April 6th; Tuesday, April 7th; Wednesday, April 8th; Thursday, April 9th.

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