Kudos and Thanks

Kudos to our 750 Club: Aiden, Josiah, Brayden, JJ, Rayden, Jazmine, Kara, Jonathan J., Alyssa, Sidney, and Sophie Q.! They each read and recorded 750 minutes or more on their reading log over the last five week span. They’ll be participating is a doughnut-fest next week. Meanwhile, numerous students have fallen well-short at logging their homework reading. They’ll be receiving a written deficiency notice in class requiring a parent’s signature.

Thanks to all the excellent chaperones who braved the winter weather at Crater Lake: Mr. Liles, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Grant, Mr. Hackworth, Mrs. Bugarin, Mrs. Elias, Mr. Qualls, Mr. Tufts, Mr. Wills, and Davin. Your help was essential in making it a great trip. I hope to have a short video up soon.

Special recognition to Yuri G. Yuri spent the last couple of months working hard to portray Jane, one of the leads in theCrater performance of Mary Poppins.  This wasn’t a simple classroom play. Instead, it was a fully-staged two and a half hour Broadway-style musical. Yuri had to act, sing, and dance in nearly every scene. Her performance was amazing, but even more impressive was that despite staying up until 10 or 11 at night on to perform, she never wavered on her classroom work or attendance. Great job, Yuri!

In class this week we’re working on our persuasive writing, learning about surviving in the woods, attending DARE graduation, and tackling more fractions. Here’s the homework for this week: Monday, April 27; Tuesday, April 28; Wednesday, April 29; Thursday, April 30.

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