Room 15 Update for 4/19

snowshoesThe big event this week is the Crater Lake trip on Friday. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-50s with a slight chance of rain. There’s no reason to go out and buy new clothes for this trip, but being dressed appropriately for the conditions is very important. Students need to come dressed in layers (snow-shoeing can be hard work). A tee-shirt/hoodie/windbreaker trio is ideal, along with snowpants and waterproof shoes or boots (hiker, snow boots, galoshes). Wearing two layers of non-cotton sweat pants is acceptable, while wearing shorts or jeans is not. Regardless, students should bring a change of pants (shorts okay) and extra socks to change into after sledding. If waterproof boots are not available, students can wear sneakers, but they should wear two layers of socks and bring bread bags (or similar) to wear over their socks and inside the shoes. Students should also pack a hardy lunch, snacks, and a bottle of water…lots of it. It’s also particularly important that kids wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Last year we had several kids with severe sunburns and sun-burned eyes. Finally, they may bring electronics for the bus. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!

Aside from preparing for the trip, in class this week we’ll be working on our persuasive writing skills, learning more about life cycles, applying our measurement skills to some geometry, and more. Here’s the math homework for this week: Monday, April 20; Tuesday, April 21; Wednesday, April 22; Thursday, April 23.

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