Where Has the Year Gone?

Mid-May already? It seems like we just got this school year started and yet here we are in our last few weeks. We’ll be wrapping up the school year with a ton of standardized testing (yuck), our last set of plays (The Daring Escape of Henry Box Brown, Freedom for the First Time, and Tom Sawyer), and our Endangered Species research project.We also have three remaining field trips: Wednesday’s Adopt-a-Street Clean-up of Hopkins Street, the Hanley Farms Heritage Fair on May 19th, and Table Rock on May 22nd. We need chaperones for all three. In math, the kids have been doing a great job on fractions, but this week we’ll be swinging back to geometry. Here’s the homework: Monday, May 11th; Tuesday, May12th; Wednesday, May 13th; Thursday, May 14th.

Finally, special thanks to everyone who sent in a gift or note for Teacher Appreciation Week. I do feel appreciated! (And this week, as I’ve been battling a particularly nasty cold, I’ve needed the uplift!)

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  1. YAY!!!!! adopt a street clean up was my favorite thing we did last year

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