And So It Ends.

What a marvelous school year. Despite our large class size and our hectic schedule, this year’s Room 15 kids did a fantastic job. They spent their year acting out plays such as Peter Rabbit and reading great literature including all those Roald Dahl books. They studied a timeline of history from pre-Columbian to Lewis and Clark. They conquered a variety of math skills including all those complicated fractions, the “bank robber” method of long division, and using a protractor. We also filmed a couple episodes of CPETV (with a third one still to come). What a year for hiking, too! Room 15 kids explored the Lava Beds, conquered Garfield Peak and Lower Table Rock, donned snowshoes at Crater Lake, and picked up nearly a hundred pounds of trash during our Adopt-a-Street clean-ups. They also collectively logged 5,745 miles during our morning fitness run. Jaden F., our champion, had the most, running nearly 300 miles by himself! Molly wrote and directed a play, Yuri starred in the high school’s Mary Poppins musical, and Brayden and Yuri won Fact Car Rally. Haylee B. finished third in the Sams Valley Mini-Marathon, Hailee H. went to the regional finals for the Elks Hoop Shoot, and Sophie Q. and Sidney had the highest totals in our Checkbook Project. Kara introduced us to tarantulas and see-through eggs, we messed around with mealworms, and researched endangered species. And so much more! This is what elementary school is supposed to look like. I can’t wait to see what these kids do with 5th grade!

We’re finishing the year with Roadrunner Day, yearbook signing, 5th grade vs. staff softball, and the Year-in-Review and 5th Grade Baby Picture Slide Show (click here to view and/or download it). Come join us, won’t you!

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