Congrats to Marathoners!

Kids fighting for position at the start of the 2015 SVMMCongrats to all our students who completed the Sams Valley Mini-Marathon last Friday! All our Roadrunners did a great job. Our own Haylee B. finished first among the girls, sixth overall, and first among CPE kids. Her time of 21:18 is a new course record for girls! Additional congrats to Abbie N. who won a third place medal, as well as to Ethan J. from Mr. Kuhlman’s room and Jeromy G. from Mr. Hadley’s homeroom. Ethan and Jeromy earned 6th and 7th place medals respectively, and Ethan was the highest placing 4th grader. Six-hundred and two students completed the race.

The unacceptability of 38-student classroom has resulted in some relief during reading and math class. Beginning Monday we’ll be adding a third teaching position to our program. Mrs. Challman and Mrs. Lewis will be job-sharing this position. Mrs. Challman is well-known to CPE families due to her time teaching 1st and 2nd grade, but she’s also taught intermediate grades at other times during her long career. Mrs. Lewis has taught 1st grade in Eagle Point and 5th and 6th grades in Medford. Students will remain in their “Llama” and “Alpaca” homerooms and afternoon groups, but will be redistributed for language arts and math classes. They’ll cycle through all three reading classes over the next nine weeks.

We’ll be undertaking our first Adopt-a-Street clean-ups later this week. The Llamas will be cleaning up 2nd Street on Thursday afternoon, while the Alpacas will clean-up Hopkins Street on Friday afternoon. The kids will head-out immediately after lunch recess and return before dismissal. We need adult chaperones for this activity. If you’d like to join us, please let us know.

Finally, check out a snippet from the Lava Beds trip. In this one, Josiah is wearing the Go Pro as a group of kids climb out the secret “back door” of the Indian Well cave.


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