26 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentence

  1. I think my brother does not like Christmas trees because when he walks past them they always fall on top of him.

  2. I believe that Christmas trees should edible because they would make your breath smell like pine.

  3. I believe that this vacation was a disaster because the Elf on the Shelf got too carried away and set fire to the Christmas tree.

  4. I think Christmas trees because you get them from the woods and things can poop on them and make them smell.

  5. In my opinion, Mr. Lewis is going to buy a Christmas tree because he dislikes St. Patty’s Day.

  6. In my opinion the reason Christmas trees have really saggy ears is because the ornaments pull down on them.

  7. In my opinion, going to sacormento is a disaster because you get your stuff stolen very easy.

  8. In my opinion, going to sacorment is a disaster because you can get your stuff stolen very easily.

  9. I believe that Christmas trees are the most important thing in Christmas because if you don’t have a Christmas tree you would not get any presents.

  10. Mr Moustache took a vacation and I believe there was a disaster because they ran out of trees 😉

  11. In my opinion my Christmas tree has more lights than anyone in Central Point because we used four boxes of lights.

  12. If you ask me, Voldemort and the Death Eaters are the best characters in the movies because they are pure evil.

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