Anybody Seen Br’er Rabbit?

Kaysi R. as Br'er CoonAll the big names in theater reviews have:

“Br’er Rabbit and the Gingercakes” makes for a merry romp” — The New Jersey Times

“Fifth graders swipe Br’er Rabbit back from Disney! They re-create Disney-esque magic on their Central Point stage!” — LA Kindergarten Review

“Gingercakes is an absolutely unique performance. From beginning to end, it demands your full attention.” — Ed Grisfield, reviewer for Entertainment Last Night

That’s right. The reviews are in and CPE 5th Graders’ adaption of Br’er Rabbit is a monster hit. Thursday’s Literacy Night performance of the trickster tale starred the signing and dancing of Sidney L. as Br’er Rabbit and Olivia F. as Auntie Remus. Yuri G. garnered big laughs in her role as Br’er Fox, and Jaden R. is sure to be nominated for an Oscar for her uniquely original portrayal of Br’er Moose. The entire cast and crew were fabulous from beginning to end.

If you missed it, Br’er Rabbit: The Musical will return to the stage at an upcoming assembly. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Anybody Seen Br’er Rabbit?

  1. I was highly impressed with this play and the performers! The students memorized their lines, were on cue and were very entertaining! I’m so glad I went!

  2. When is our next performance? It was so fun , but we forgot the gingercakes ( brer rabbit and the GINGERCAKES). :{[]

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