9 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. When I go to sleepovers we do things like paint fingernails, watch movies and eat popcorn, and prank call people.

  2. When i went to LaKenya’s house for a sleepover, we ate cookies with chips, jumped on the trampoline, and watched a movie.

  3. Some of my favorite type of cookies are peanut butter, Gummie Bear, and Darth Vader-shaped wafers.

  4. When I say I’m going all out on cookies, I mean I’m getting Oreos, peanut butter cookies, and sugar cookies.

  5. When Sidney went to Disneyland,she ate glaze doughnuts,she ate cookies,and she even ate an one thousand foot long GUMMY WORM!

  6. When my mom went to Walmart,she bought ice cream,cookies, and a bunch of candy.

  7. When I went to Oliver’s house for a sleepover, we played with Nerf guns, we played Xbox 360, and Oliver threw candy in the air.

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