Letter from Riva

Here are the latest letters (one to class, one to Maya and Kelsey), artwork, and report card from our lovely student in Nepal. Each year Room 15 kids collect small change in order to sponsor Riva’s education in Nepal. Last year’s kids went over and above, exceeding the $300 goal by twenty bucks. Can this year’s class equal that success? For more info about Riva and our sponsorship, click on the Nepal Project link at right.

Take note of Riva’s excellent report card. It says she was ranked fifth in her 5th grade class and she earned the highest level, “Distinction.” Her excellent report card also meant she graduated to a new form, which isn’t a guarantee in Nepal like it is here.

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  1. over the summer i mostly went over to my grandmas house because she has a really big pool and i also went to cresent city

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