Awards & Acknowledgements

Congratulations to our Students-of-the-Month for November/December: Jaqueline B. and Zoie M. Both have demonstrated great character, behavior, and academic performance all year.

Kudos to the Magical Piggy Overlords, Sylas K., Hannah H., Eliza C., and Braydee C., for winning our 12-day Mathketball Tourney. Mathektball is a game in which we use completed math homework to earn opportunities to score points for our team on the Nerf hoop. It’s a lot of fun and intensely competitive.

Three cheers for our History Jeopardy winners: Dakota M., Daisy R., Eliza C., Carl F., Hannah H., and Jordan C.! History Jeopardy is a team competition designed to help kids study for their trimester history exam.  On the exam itself, this year’s class had one of the highest class averages ever. Nice job, Roadrunners!

Congrats to Emilee B. for successfully staging her adaptation of her Christmas Carol play. Emilee is an aspiring playwright and actress with an uncommon enthusiasm. We look forward to more of Emilee’s performances.

And finally, kudos to our entire class for whopping Mr. Hadley’s class in our first ever time-telling competition. Students were required to successfully read analog clocks, read faceless-analog clocks, and calculate elapsed time. It was a lot of fun and proved that CPE 5th graders can at last accurately tell time without a cell phone to guide them.

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