Room 15 Update

Thanks to all of you who made it to parent-teacher conferences. These are really helpful in making sure your kiddo has a great 5th grade year. Additional thanks to Luke’s dad, Maryfer’s dad, Logan’s grandpa, and Ethan’s mom for joining us on the Crater Lake trip. The weather was great; it was the first time in three years that the trip to the rim wasn’t cancelled for my class due to weather or smoke!

Upcoming events include the Sams Valley Mini-Marathon on Friday, Nov. 2nd. This wonderful event is being sponsored by West Orthodontics. It’s one of the oldest running events in the state, and with nearly 800 participants (all D6 4th and 5th graders), it’s among the largest!

We’re also heading to Lava Beds National Monument on Thursday, Nov. 8th, for our annual caves exploration. In class, kids are learning about geology and bats in preparation for the trip. We desperately need chaperones for this outing! It’s a bit of exercise, but it’s well worth the effort. Let me know via note or email if you can join us.

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