This Week’s Super Sentence

Student’s, post last week’s “Compound Sentence using a Joining Word” by clicking on this post and then typing the sentence in the comment box. Be sure to make all the recommended changes, and make sure you don’t make any new mistakes (such as forgetting the endmark!).

30 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentence

  1. Last week I was at the high school and my friend jumped down from the stairs and broke his nose.

  2. Two years ago I got all raisins for Halloween, and I broke my nose right after Trick-Or-Treating!

  3. I went to a Halloween party at Crater, and while I was there Molly and Lilly got into a fight.

  4. For Halloween I’m just going to be casual and I’m going to wear high wasted sweat pants, red crop top, and devil horns.

  5. Last year I was in high school and I was on a hover board,but i broke my nose by falling off off it.

  6. For Halloween I am going to be the purge and my friend is going to be a fortnite character.

  7. this Halloween i will be a dead cheerleader but i have a broken nose so i will have to be a cheerleader that has a broken nose.

  8. This is my brother’s first year at high school, and he told me that it is really big, but he likes it there.

  9. When my dad was little he might have broke his nose, and how he broke his nose is that he tried to jump over a big dog and his face met concrete.

  10. Last night I stuck a pencil up my nose and it was bleading so my mom took me to the doctder

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