Another Fabulous Friday!

I’ve tried to keep it short today so that you can head into your Memorial Day Weekend early. As you go out to do stuff, though, please remember that it’s still important to socially distance, to wash hands frequently, and to wear masks when in public. If there’s any hope of us having a normal start of the school year in September, we have to make sure we don’t have a resurgence of the virus.

We have a 9 a.m. Zoom session this morning.  You also have your math quiz on dividing fractions. If you still don’t understand what you’re doing, don’t take the test until you’ve gone back and watched the videos and re-read pages 324 and 326 in your math text. There’s no homework today.

You have a cool history lesson about the San Francisco Earthquake and the invention of the ice cream cone (which is why we had yesterday’s clicker q.)  Be sure to watch the videos! To go with it, you have a Storyworks article and a short quiz (in Classwork). You still need to fill out your Reading Log. I’m hopeful you’re going to get a ton of exercise this weekend, so you can skip PE if you want. I’m not posting Outdoor Dude today. We’ll resume next week.  

Finally, you need to do your editing and revising assignment for your bird research. If you’re still behind after yesterday’s catch-up day, that’s on you. I guess you’ll need to spend some of your weekend getting caught up.  As of ten pm on Thursday night, I estimate TWELVE kids are caught up.  That’s it: 12.  Uh oh, Tongo!


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