Cinco de mayo!

Here’s a couple quick facts about Cinco de Mayo: it celebrates a victory over France way back in 1862. In Mexico it’s called “The Battle of Puebla Day,” but isn’t much of a big deal at all. In the U.S., however, it’s become a giant excuse to celebrate Mexican style and culture. So have at it today. Make a homemade pinata, watch Coco on Netflix, or get some take-out from a local Mexican restaurant. But do all that AFTER you get your little bit of school work done.

In Classwork you have a reading assignment about the TikTok app, a “How-to” paragraph rough draft, and your End-of-the-Day Review. On the Platy you have a new read aloud (How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsman), a PE workout (Gavin added a new dance workout), a history entry (Chief Joseph), and a math assignment reviewing subtracting mixed numbers. Here’s the video. For classwork do Worksheet B and for homework do Worksheet F. Remember, when you use the answer key to learn from your mistakes, you improve your skills. When you use the key to cheat or just to see if you got it right, you damage your skills. Do a problem, check the answer. If you missed it, figure out what went wrong BEFORE moving on to the next problem. If you get stuck, carefully study pages 276-277 in your math textbook.

Don’t forget about practicing your play script, homework reading from a chapter book of choice, and your DARE Family Talk #4. After that, have a great Cinco de Mayo!

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