Good News Friday!

Good news! I’ll no longer be asking you to do a “End-of-the-Day Review Quiz.” Bad news! To jive with the new report card, I will instead be having you fill out a weekly reading log and a weekly PE log in Google Sheets (you’ll see them on Monday). It also means I have to put more emphasis on the reading and math quizzes you’ve been taking. Don’t stress, though. When all is said and done, all we’re really judging you on is your effort. Are you trying your best to keep learning? Or are you treating this as an early vacation? Those of you who’ve been working hard will be happy with your report card—just like in the regular classroom!

In Classwork today you have a super short reading assignment, your last math quiz on adding and subtracting fractions (yet another chance to prove you know what you’re doing), and a form to share the outcome of your DARE Family Talk #4. Also be sure to watch Mr. Davenport’s “Hunt for Roady’s Nest” video.

On the Platy you have another history entry about Wild West towns, and for PE, please do the same stretching routine we did last Friday. You’ll find the list at the bottom of the PE page.

Finally, I’m starting a new chapter book read aloud. It’s called Outdoor Dude: The Knife’s Edge. It’s about the outdoors, bullies, science, and a kid who doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. It’s part Wimpy Kid, part I Survived, and part Hatchet. I’m excited about reading it to you!

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