miercoles, 20 de mayo

Hey, we’re close to finishing our rough draft of our bird research project. Today you’re creating your concluding paragraph. This is an extremely important part, so make sure you read and follow the directions in Classwork carefully!

Volcanoes are always fun (unless you’re running from lava, getting fried by toxic gasses, or on the rim when it erupts). I have a neat article about the Hawaii volcano that has been constantly erupting for the last 50 years or so. It’s in Classwork.

For math you’re still practicing dividing fractions. You have a test on Friday, so make sure you’re getting it figured out. I’ve covered all the steps in yesterday’s video, so if you’re unsure about something, re-watch it. You can also read the examples on pages 322, 324, and 326 in your textbook. Do Worksheet E for classwork and Worksheet F for homework.

Let’s talk about Reflex for a moment. Only Jose, Brison, Tahlor, Savannah, Evan, Gavin, Alie, Gio, Presleigh, Kenzie V., Ansen, and Gunnir have logged into Reflex in the past two weeks. Preseligh is rocking it with 44 facts mastered. Brody, Riley and Laken have already finished the whole program, so they’re off the hook. Zoe, Parker, Cristian, Madison, Bethany, Garrett, Meg, and Lola are all in the 90% range, so they’re close to being done. How about getting in there and wrapping it up?  Access is the same as A.R.  The teacher user name is lsii. Your student number is your user name (although for some of you it’s your firstname.lastname), and your password is your initials. Remember, true mastery of your math facts is the most important math skill you need to take to middle school.

You also have all the usual stuff today: a history entry, a literary terms entry, Outdoor Dude Chapter 10 (they’re finally crossing the glacier; see pic below), and your reading and PE log. For PE you need to try one of the video workouts. There are a couple new ones this week. Finally, remember to join us for our interactive Mini Math session at 9 a.m.  Do all the problems ahead of time so that you’re ready to rock and roll right at 9! Good luck!


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