Thursday, May 14

Pretty straight-forward today, kids. Here on the Platy you have another history lesson, Outdoor Dude chapter 6, and a literary terms journal entry. In Classwork you have a short reading activity about the Great Chicago Fire. Be sure to check out the video that goes with it.  You also have your reading and PE logs, and you have to write and submit your habitat paragraph. (I’ll be making suggestions about your first two paragraphs and returning them to you over the next few days.)  For math you have a “pop quiz” covering multiplying fractions.  If you figured things out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you’re in great shape. If you’re not sure, go back and re-watch those videos and review those assignments. Your quiz is a Google Form. Your homework is Worksheet F.

Our 9 a.m. interactive session is just a “Good Morning” thread. Pop in to say hello and share something that’s going on with you. We also have a 1 p.m. Zoom meeting. It’s whole class today. We’ll be talking about bird research, Outdoor Dude, and having a scavenger hunt!   

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