Thursday, May 7

Mr. Davenport was really impressed with our Mini Math thread yesterday. We ended up with 318 comments and we had about half the class participating. Not too shabby. Today, be sure to come to the Zoom play practice. You should have watched the plays being performed on stage by previous classes (if you didn’t, scroll down to yesterday’s post). I KNOW you can read it as well as those kids, so let’s have a great session this afternoon. Elephant’s Child reads at 1 and Cyclops reads at 1:30.

In Classwork today you need to submit your FINAL DRAFT of your “How-to” paragraph. I hope to get these posted on the Platy this weekend. You also have a short reading assignment about daredevils, a crossword puzzle about homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings, such as to/two/and too), and your End-of-Day Review Quiz. On the Platy you have the Captain Najork sequel, a history entry about Wild West towns, PE (choose a workout video), and math. Watch my video about subtracting mixed numbers with borrowing. It covers pages 278-279 in your textbook. Do Worksheet D for classwork and Worksheet J for homework. You have a quiz tomorrow, so make sure you finish today truly understanding how to add and subtract mixed numbers. Also, don’t forget about DARE. Family talk #4 is due tomorrow.

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