Tues May 26

Top of the morning to you, kids! I hope you had a pleasant weekend with your families. Today on the Platy you have history entries about the invention of plastic and the “discovery” of the North Pole.  You also have a new chapter of Outdoor Dude. Be sure to check out the video below to get a feel for being on the Knife’s Edge. Trust me, it is A LOT scarier in person than it is on video.  Math will be pretty easy for the next couple of days. Today we’re learning about ratio. Watch the video and than do page 585-586 in your text book and do problems #1-13. Check your work using this answer key, then do Worksheet B for homework (you’ll want to read page 586 first).

In Classwork you have your final draft of your bird research. I’ve included a video explaining how to put it all together and submit it. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT.  If you don’t follow directions I’ll simply return it and tell you to try again.  You also have a reading assignment from Storyworks about the discovery of the North Pole, and an art project called Design a Stamp. We’re also starting our day with a Super Sentences interactive session at 9 a.m. and we’ll be having a 1 pm Zoom meeting.

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