Tuesday, May 19

I’ve heard you guys talk about them–ghost peppers and other chilies. That being the case, you’ll enjoy today’s short reading assignment from Storyworks, “Death by Chili Pepper.”  It’s in Classwork along with your bird research assignment for DIET and a second reading assignment (because both are so short) called “Two Miles for a Drink of Water.” No, we’re not talking about Yewbie hiking in Goat Rocks; it’s about people who live in Africa and how much effort it takes just to have water.  On the Platy you have a history entry about the Spanish-American War and it’s hero, Teddy Roosevelt. You also have a literary terms entry, Outdoor Dude chapter 9, and math. Math is still easy–invert and multiply–but I’ve complicated it just a bit. Watch my video, then do Worksheet C for classwork and Worksheet D for homework.  Finally, you have free choice today for PE, but make sure you record your work on your Reading & PE Log.  Don’t forget to show up for our 9 am interactive session. Have  a great day!

What are these things?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 19

  1. It is a western anermone. Or could be my brothers hair in the morning.

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