Wed May 26

Don’t quit now! Although this home instruction may not be as interesting as the  regular classroom, there’s some awesome stuff upcoming. Your slide decks on your birds are going to be GREAT. We’ve got world wars, monsters of the deep, and space flight. We’ll finally be tackling long division so that someone other than Parker knows how to divide up the loot. We’ve got the signing of the Red Ribbon, the baby picture slide show, and your graduation letters (really important). So don’t go away. Hang with me for a couple more weeks!

Today in Classwork you have an article about the Titanic…it’s going to set sail again and you could go on it. Would you?  You also have a Super Sentences interactive session at 9 a.m., and your Slides assignment. Please be sure to read the instructions so that you do the project correctly.

On the Platy you have a triple history lesson, and your math assignment. It’s on probability. Watch my video and then do Worksheet C, checking your answers as you go. Your homework is Worksheet E. Finally, you have the next segment of Outdoor Dude.  Click on each of these pictures of my friends and me crossing “The Knife’s Edge.”


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