Wed May 6

Happy Seis de Mayo! Well, that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? Just an ordinary Wednesday. We’ll start with another Mini Math Doughnut Competition at 9 a.m. in the interactive Classroom stream. I’ll start the competition at 9:15. That gives you 15 minutes to make sure you have all your answers done, and then it’s on! Remember, it’s just for fun. If your connection is slow, or if you’re late to the party, that’s just kinda the breaks, ya know? Thanks for being good sports about it. (By the way, I’m planning doughnut delivery for Thursday morning.)

I know you’re getting sick of all this adding and subtracting of fractions. It’s probably bending that last brain cell of yours in all kind of weird directions. But don’t worry! We’ll be moving on next week! Today in math I need you to take on these more challenging problems in which you’ll add mixed numbers with carrying. That means when you add the fractions, it’ll be more than one, so you’ll carry the whole number. Whew! Here’s my video about it. Do Worksheet G for classwork and Worksheet F for homework.

In Classwork you also have a short article about a “modern” Indian kid, you have your Perfect Paragraph editing assignment, and you have your usual End-of-the-Day Review Quiz. Remember, the Review Quiz is the MAIN thing I’m grading each week, so you really want to make sure you’re doing a good job on it.

On the Platy you have a history entry (the Death of Sitting Bull) and a literary terms entry. It’s free choice for PE today. That means spend 20 minutes or more at it and then report what you did on your End-of-the-Day Review. For read aloud, I’m postponing the Najork sequel a day because I want you to watch our two plays being performed by former classes. Watch them both. They’re fun. Here’s Cyclops (performed by kids that are graduating this year) and here’s Elephant’s Child (performed by last year’s class). Follow along with your script while you listen (if you don’t have it, go look for it in Classwork). We’ll have another Zoom practice tomorrow at the usual times…I think you’ll agree we’re not ready to record. If everyone will put as much effort into their lines as Parker, we’d be great.

Finally, will you please let me know if you’re getting overwhelmed. Is the workload to light, too heavy, or just right? How are things going? Email me if you have thoughts or comments. Take care!

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