Welcome Back to Shcool!

Yes, I’m aware it’s spelled wrong. It is suppose to remind you of that picture that used to pop up on the Activboard once a week early in the schhol year.

Teach in London: Spelling is Very Important in Shcool

These guys in the pic weren’t very careful when it came to double-checking and editing their work, were they? When it came to editing your “How-to” paragraphs, some of you were, and others, well, not so much. At least these guys showed up to work! To the 16 of you who turned in your “How-to” paragraph on Friday, awesome job! Today’s reading assignment is to read all of them. You’ll be ask to give feedback using a FORM in CLASSWORK. The other 13 of you who still have a “How-to” paragraph to submit, you’ve got some catching up to do! Look back in Classwork for the assignments. 

In Math we’re moving on to multiplying fractions. To the nineteen of you who completed your math test on Friday, good job!  The rest of you have double math to do today. Bummer!  In today’s assignment you have to find fractional parts of a whole. That means doing problems such as 1/3 of 24 or 60 x 2/5.  It’s super easy. Those of you who truly know you’re math facts are probably already seeing some fact families. For example, 1/3 of 24 simply means take 24, split it into three groups (the denominator) and tell us how much is in one group (the numerator).  It’s 8! See the fact family? You can either watch my old buddy Zach’s 30 second video, or my 90 second video (or both). You’ll find the videos and your assignment and homework in Classwork today.

Also today you have a history entry, Chapter 3 of Outdoor Dude, and DARE Family Talk #5 (due Friday). I also need everyone to log-in to REFLEX and pass at least one level. Those of you who FINISHED Fact Car Rally can skip it (if you want, though it can’t hurt to practice a bit, right?). PE is a free choice day, but make sure you do SOMETHING to stay fit. I’m determined to return to basketball in good shape, so I’ve been doing a core workout and a two to four mile run four days a week.

Finally, it’s time to kick-start our Bird Research Project. I’ve posted the assignment in Classwork. It’s for a FOUR paragraph essay about a bird species native to southern Oregon. You can continue with the one you originally started back in February, or you can choose a new one, but you must end up with four paragraphs that meet the standards listed in the assignment. You’ll be expected to write and submit just one paragraph at a time. Please don’t try to power through it. I will GUIDE YOU each day as to what needs to be in the given paragraph.  See the assignment in Classwork for more info.

Don’t forget (the way I did) that we have a Zoom meeting today at 1:00 (Elephants) and 1:30 (Cyclops). Have a great day at shcool today!


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