Our Final Week Together!

Hello my lovely gooners! I’ve posted all of this week’s assignments in Classwork except for History. It’s still on the History tab, and you have entries on Monday and Tuesday.

In Classwork, you have two reading assignments from Storyworks–one for Monday and the other for Tuesday. They go with your history entries for those days. Pay close attention to the authors. Speaking of authors, does anyone have a guess as to who wrote last week’s special read aloud, The Horse Show?  If so, send me an email!  

For math we’re messing around with Sudoku puzzles. Check out the video and puzzles in Classwork.  

Please join us for 9 a.m. interactive sessions on Monday and Tuesday. We also have Zoom meetings at 1 p.m. today (Monday) and 9 am on Thursday, at which time we’ll be checking out the baby picture show. Who is that naked baby playing in the toilet? We also have another Red Ribbon banner signing session tomorrow (Tuesday) from 11 to 2.

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