Tues. Jun 2nd

So the big things this week are the Letter to Yourself at Graduation and the signing of the DARE banner.  Take your time to write a GREAT letter. You’ll be glad you did seven years from now.

DARE banner sessions are Thursday from 3 to 6 and next Tuesday from 11 to 2.  I’ll have a station set-up in the bus loop.  Bring your math text book, your library books, your letter, and your address. If possible, bring your own pencil, a sharpie, and a mask.

Today in class you have an article about kids escaping the Nazis during World War 2, a short story Meg wrote about a rooster, a short history entry, and the usual reading/PE log. You also have the conclusion to our special “Horse Show” read aloud.  As for math, we’re working on Long Division. I made you another video reviewing the steps. Do Worksheet C for classwork and Worksheet D for homework.


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