Happy Friday!

As promised, Fridays are “light” days. It’s mostly dedicated to catching up on missing work. Plus, you have all the way until Sunday night to get everything done. You were sent two emails last night. One is your progress report. Look at it and figure out what you’re missing. Your parents have been told to look at it with you, so be prepared for some explaining.

The second one is your super sentence grade. I’ve returned your sentence to you with needed corrections. You need to copy your corrected test sentence and post it here on The Daily Platypus. A post called “This Week’s Super Sentences” will appear above this one at 9:00. All you have to do is click on it and type your sentence in the comment box. It’ll ask you for your district e-mail address in order for you to post.

For reading you have a short piece from Columbus’ journal and a quiz to go with it. They’re in Classwork.

PE is free choice on Fridays. How much time you spend in Lexia, Happy Numbers, and Acellus depends on whether you’re caught up or not. See your progress report. 

There’s a new section of Boy posted under Read Aloud. And you still have a short History lesson.

Finally, we have our 9:30 whole class Zoom meeting, and it’s PET DAY, so bring a friend! I’ll post the invite in Classroom at 9:25.

That’s it. Easy peasy!

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