Monday, Monday, Monday!

New this week: Acellus science! You’ll be learning about classifying and taxonomy, which can be really fascinating. I introduce things in my weekly video (below) by showing you a pitfall trap, a clever way to see what kind of creatures are living in your yard. In Acellus, you’ll have assignments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please do only what’s assigned even if the program says you can move on. Today you’re only doing lessons 2 & 3: classifying.

Also new this week, you’ll have a math quiz on Friday to go with your homework sheets. Watch my math video and then do worksheet A. Make sure you understand it so that you can pass Friday’s quiz. You also still need to do 20 minutes of Happy Numbers.

I know from PET DAY that you guys LOVE dogs. The first dogs were wild dogs like wolves and dingoes, so where did all these other ones come from? I’m excited to share a Storyworks article about The History of Dogs. It comes with a Google form in which you have to write out a summary, so read the instructions carefully.

You also have the usual PE and Reading Log, Part 9 of our read aloud, Boy, and a history lesson about Marco Polo. And of course, you have your 8:30 Google Classroom session (a fun “clicker question,” and a Zoom meeting (Groups Z & 4 at 9:30; Groups W & 7 at 10:30). See you there!.

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