This Week’s Super Sentences

Kids, at the bottom of this post, click on the words “Leave a reply.” They’re in green. (You will have to enter your district email address to post.) Re-type your Super Sentence from yesterday’s test, but make sure you make the corrections I suggested in my email to you. Your sentence will appear on the Daily Platypus, so everyone will see it if you make a silly mistake like leaving off an endmark.  

11 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. I saw a show on tornados and one person said their favorite type of tornado was the family tornado.

  2. I really like Marvel comic superheroes because they normally have powers like flying,super strength, or speed.

  3. My brother Reese likes comics but, he doesn’t read them! I find it very unnecessary to have comics but not read them, so i stole them so i can read the comics!

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