Thursday, Oct 1

LIPI Group 1  
8 am Thurs 10//1: Cash ,Scarlet, Kylie, Keila, Liam, Gabe, Damien P., Daimon B., Kelsi

LIPI Group 2
1 pm Thur 10/1: BreIsaiah B., Maizie, Max, Shayla, McKinna, Damon G., Kaleb, Roxy

Even though we have kids attending “in-person” class, you still have assignments to do. They appear on your checklist in Classwork. Your Storyworks reading is just a poem. You have 20 minutes of Happy Numbers, 20 minutes of Math Facts in Acellus, and 30 minutes of Lexia. You have your PE & Reading log, a history lesson, your math homework sheet, and a new Roald Dahl read aloud called “The Black Mamba.”  The most important thing today is your Super Sentence test. Open your form in Google Drive to do the test. Be sure to use today to catch up on all your assignments from earlier in the week, including your minutes and your Chapter Book Project (see it in Classwork).

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