In-person instruction was great yesterday. Our next session is Oct. 29. We’ll give families a chance to sign-up next weekend. Those of you who attended class say how your badge board is shaping up. Here are two tips to earning new badges and ninja belts: 1.) make sure you earn your minutes in Happy Numbers, Lexia, and Acellus; 2.) Listen to videos all the way until the end. I’ll be introducing some new badges next week, so stay-tuned for those. Today’s mostly a catch-up day, but you have two really important assignments: 1.) re-read the Pirates article in Storyworks but this time take the QUIZ; 2.) Get your final draft done of your cats vs dogs paragraph and then record yourself reading it in SeeSaw. 

Aside from that all you have is your 8:30 Clicker Question, your 9:30 Zoom, a short history lesson, and Chapter 2 of the new read aloud, Witches, by Roald Dahl. If you have a copy of it, read along with me!

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