Week Seven

We’re doing things differently this week. SeeSaw appears to be going well…the videos and recordings of yourselves are a wonderful way to see how you’re doing in class–and I think probably a lot more fun!  Therefore, this week we’re going to try to run everything out of SeeSaw. Instead of going to The Platy every morning, start your day in SeeSaw. Instead of following your Checklist in Google, use the Checklist in SeeSaw.

The SeeSaw list has links that will take your to your individual lessons and logins including your Zoom meetings and your math homework. Some of the links will bring your back to Google Classroom such as Super Sentences. Others bring you back here to the Platy, such a the read aloud and the history lesson. We’ll still use Google Classroom as the place to go to ask for help or post questions. Let’s see how this goes today!

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