Tuesday, Oct. 13

Look behind the spider. Is that someone’s face and finger back there?

You’re probably already itching for Halloween, right? All those goblins! All that candy! Well, to get you ready, Mrs. Bates has created a fun art project in SeeSaw called “Spider Art.” The materials were in your art packet (if you’ve lost them, you’re out of luck). There are a couple other assignments in SeeSaw as well, and all of them require you to SUBMIT your response, so make sure you check them out. Today’s math homework is in SeeSaw as well. All you have to do is READ to me FIVE whopper numbers. If you don’t know how, you’d better watch yesterday’s video (see below) and do yesterday’s homework sheet.

At 8:30 we’re all getting together in Google Classroom for our wacky list writing activity, and you also have play practice in Zoom today. Your link is posted in Classwork. Goosebumps meets at 9:30; Peter Rabbit meets at 10:00; Aesop meets at 10:30. Also, Isaiah, Kylie, and Damon G. have a Zoom appointment at 10:30 with Mrs. McCarty. Your link is HERE.

On Thursday, we have in-person school for 18 of you. Here are the rosters: Thursday 8:00 AM: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, Cash, Rachael, Scarlet; Thurs 1 PM: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, Bre, Isaiah, Roxy. Bring colored pencils or fine markers if you can. A ruler and scissors would be good too, if you have them.

Please, please, please, please, please (please!) look at the CHECKLIST in Classwork to make sure you’re getting everything done.

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