Tuesday, Oct 6

Today’s Zoom sessions are the same as yesterday: The Peter Rabbit Group meets at 9:30. The Goosebumps Group joins at 10:00. And the Aesop’s Fables Group meets at 10:30. Be sure to have your play script with you so you can follow along and read your lines. (Your Zoom link will pop up in Classwork at 9:15.)

Remember, if you’re in the Aesop’s Fables Group, your play script is waiting for you in the BUS LOOP along with your cursive book and art supplies. You can pick that stuff up between 7:30 and 9:30 or from 3:30 to 5:30. If you want it sent on the bus, you must let me know.

All you have in Classwork is your PE & Reading Log, your Chapter Book project, and your Checklist. Several of you have already submitted a Chapter Book project. Be sure to look back in your Drive to see my suggestions and corrections.

Your checklist shows you a bunch of things that need to be done by Friday, including 90 minutes in Happy Numbers. (Keila, Kelsi, Dom, Shayla, and Connor will be getting their first ninja belt if they hit 90 minutes this week!) In SeeSaw you have four activities that need to be done by Friday: 1.) An introductory assignment about yourself; 2.) A “Social/Emotional” assignment; 3.) an art activity; 4.) a two page cursive assignment.

Finally, here in the Platy you have a history entry, another Roald Dahl read aloud, this one about a green mamba that sneaks into the house, and a homework sheet C. If you didn’t watch the math video yesterday, view it today so you’re ready for Thursday’s math QUIZ.

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