Wednesday, Oct 14

It’s a Mini Math Day. Show up to Google Classroom at 8:10 to get your sheet, answer them all on a sheet of paper, and then compete for your donut badge at 8:30. Remember, it’s just for fun. It adds a little excitement to what would otherwise be another boring math review.

We have play practice in Zoom again. At 9:30 it’s Peter Rabbit, at 10:00 it’s Aesop’s Fables, and at 10:30 its Goosebumps. Let’s try to do better than yesterday when only half of you showed up tp the right time. Your link is in Classwork.

Here in the Platy you have a history entry about Blackbeard the pirate, which goes along with your Storyworks article in Classwork called “The Search for Pirate Gold.” If you haven’t already done so, make sure your rough draft of your Cats vs Dogs paragraph has been shared with me. I’ll be going over them today and returning them for editing tomorrow. 

Finally, in SeeSaw you have a new PE activity…your videos from Monday were hysterical! (Who knew a burpee was so hard!) You also have a math homework activity, but before you do it, WATCH THIS VIDEO. (It’s some other dude instead of me, and it’s kind of slow, but he does a good job of explaining expanded form.) Also in SeeSaw, I’ve attempted to return stuff that didn’t work right or had wrong answers. Be sure to go back in and look at your “Journal.”

Oh, one more thing. In person school tomorrow; here are the rosters: Thursday 8:00 AM: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, Cash, Rachael, Scarlet; Thurs 1 PM: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, Bre, Isaiah, Roxy. Bring colored pencils or fine markers if you can. A ruler and scissors would be good too, if you have them.

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