Week Six!

Are you a cat person or a dog person? After reading today’s debate article, you’ll have a chance to tell us. We’ll start reading this together in Zoom. At 9:30 Aesop’s Fable meet in Zoom. At 10:30 Peter Rabbit meets in Zoom. Goosebumps can show up to either session. session. Waylon, you have a 10:30 meeting with Mrs. McCarty. Click HERE to get to it. But don’t forget about the Clicker Question in Google Classroom at 8:30.

Congrats to Keila, Liam, Jordan, Bre, Kelsi, Shayla, and Connor! They have all earned their Math Ninja Yellow Belt!  Several other kids are close and will earn it by recording 80 minutes or more in Happy Numbers this week. Every fourth time you meet that weekly goal in Happy Numbers, you earn another belt. According to karate dude, the yellow belt symbolizes the first ray of sun light. It means the student’s mind is open to learning new techniques and methods. Great job yellow belt ninjas! I wonder who will be the first to earn their orange belt?

Many of you did a GREAT JOB on your Decimal Place Value Quiz (while several of you haven’t even taken it!). Here is your math video for this week. It teaches you how to do the math worksheet.

You also have a short history entry here on The Platy and some new activities in See Saw. Also, a student came to me last week and said I’ve been assigning TOO MUCH WORK. Well, I did some research. Am I? Or maybe I haven’t been assigning enough! If you watch the VIDEO (below) you’ll find out what I discovered and what I decided to do.

Finally, we have IN-PERSON class this week. These are the students who are signed up for Thursday at 8 a.m.: Dom, Quinton, Connor, Jordann, Gabe, Damien, Keila, and Cash (one spot is still open); These are the students signed up for Thursday at 1 pm: McKinna, Maizie, Max, Liam, Kelsi, Shayla, and Bre (two spots are still open).

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